Business Process

Our approach to web development is process driven with particular emphasis placed on the discovery and planning phases. Our project managers work with client stakeholders to articulate project goals and requirements. We also work with internal developers to create software models that accurately represent the clients business model. most large projects fallown ,the general structure outlined below, although we often tailor each phase to a projects specific needs and challenges


Stakeholder Survey, Peer analysis, communications brif firstly, we will find out what you require by listening to the brief and ensure we understand what is required. This is key from the outset of all projects, we carefully analise the websites of peer institutions or compertitors for norms and best parctices.


Final project plan, project budget, hosting plan, migration plan. Findings from the discovery phase lead to the creation of a final project plan that clearly outlines client and developer deliverables. Final budgets are determined during this phase and requirements are defined based on research done during discovery.


Exhaustive wireframes and pixel perfect design components Oure design studio work closely with stakeholders to produce wireframe layouts that show page design, contect variations, and interfaces for dynamic components. The wireframes are then refined into a final esthetic approach and of finished design components.


Standards- compliant templates complete CMS build - out custom extendion. Our team of talented web developers implement the design components with pixel-perfect accurcy following high-lavel web standerds. Tamplates are then implemented in the website and content is migrated to the new site structure.

QA & Testing

Extensive quality assurance, brawser testing, usability testing. Our dedicted quality assurance team reviews the site carefully in all major browers for display discrepancies and errors. The review process ensures that the site conforms to all documented requirements.


Migration, Zero- downtime launching, post-launching test, support and maintenance. The site launches on time with all documented requirements satisfied. We work closely with client IT staff to ensure zero downtime during launch and to be careful that no external IT assets are negatively affected.

About us

Infinity ERP Solutions is a vibrant organization having number of years of proficiency in evaluating the requirements of different industries and implementing solutions to optimize their resources and requirements to gain efficient results. We believes in implementing cost effective and optimized business solutions to our clients.

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Our Skills

Infinity ERP Solutions offers various IT services to serve client’s requirements and have the in-house expertise to deliver the project with given timeline.


Why Choose Us?


Creative design is an indispensable asset in today's dynamic advertising environment. The promotional content and the way it is delivered helps in differentiating a regular ad agency from a trusted one. Technology has enabled the advertising industry to diversify into a variety of different platforms including social media, online and digital marketing, etc., and with each passing day, the challenge to create brand experiences and communicate effectively through innovative creative designs is increasing

Page layout is equal parts art and science. Creating something that’s visually attractive and unique takes an artist’s eye. However, there are several very easy to follow guidelines that you can use to create solid layouts that work for any number of cases. These principles include choosing and sticking to an alignment, structuring your whitespace properly and highlighting important elements through size, positioning, etc.

Code is art. Our developers love building remarkable applications for the web. We are passionate about clean code and web development best practices.

What is secure coding practices?

Securing coding is the practice of developing computer software in a way that guards against the accidental introduction of security vulnerabilities. Defects, bugs and logic flaws are consistently the primary cause of commonly exploited software vulnerabilities.

What is coding and programming?

Source code is written in one or more programming languages (such as C, Fortran, JavaScript, Lisp, Python, Ruby, Smalltalk, etc.). The purpose of programming is to find a sequence of instructions that will automate performing a specific task or solving a given problem.

Banner Design Services

Our creative designers can create attractive and effective banners that can increase traffic to your website and promote your products or services at the same time.

Brochure Design Services

We can professionally design premium, creative, and eye-catching brochures for businesses both large and small that will not only impress your customers but also get your message across at the same time.

Logo Design Services

Captivate your target audience and get your brand identity across with logos that illustrate your company's vision with the help of our professional logo services.

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Our Services

Content Management System Wordpress and Drupal

Infinity has been developing websites using enterprise content management frameworks. Experienced Wordpress and Drupal integrators. Simple to complex websites with advanced site functionalities. Custom module / extension development.


Infinity is a trusted name is providing the services of magento development in india. A fast and easy shoping experience. Easy payment gateways Social media sharing Find products what you want Single page checkout manage multiple store with one admin Inbuilt marketing tools.

ERP and ERP Mobile Apps

Infinity ERP Solutions are provide the services of deploying open source web applications for business management. Customized implementation through ERP. Supply Chain Management (SCM). (CRM) Customer Relationship Management . Human Resource Management (HRM). Project Management (PM). Integrated Accounting Systems

Responsive Web Designing

We build Responsive, Creative Effetive Professional websites. Responsiveness mobile and tablet friendly Enhanced user experience Advanced web technologies HTML5, PHP, Python, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap3 Aesthetically appealing Inspirational Conceptnalization

Internet Marketing - SEO & SMO

Comprehensive Solutions for successful online branding and business development are Search Engine Optimization. Pay-per-click campaigns. Google AdWord, Facebook Ad Promotion. Social media optimization Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Orkut, linkedln Printerest, youtube and more.

Web Application Development

Infinity Provides Services of custom web application development to suit specific requirements of its clients. We are using PHP MVC framworks

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