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Nowadays customer relationship is the most important function of any organization to run its business successfully. Our CRM and Sales ERP Solutions can provide you a unique way to handle all your business contacts in effective manner such as communication history, transaction history, work history and other Sales and CRM related functions.

You need to know who is in contact with your customers, who owes you money, who is buying, what prospects your sales team has. The traditional way of using CRM includes customer contacts, classifications, pipeline management and different memos but our solutions for sales and CRM gives you this information and much more always up to date. You can register and classify all your business related contacts not only customers and prospects but also vendors and other relevant contacts. You only need one solution to track data, as we update your legacy systems.

Need to know what is outstanding? What is the history? All this is available in the Customer Status report. Who has bought what? They bought last year - why haven't they bought this year? If other modules are updated e.g. sales or purchasing, then this is automatically recorded in the CRM system. Today is not enough that only your sales department has customer related information, it should be available for the rest of the business. For example, delivery promises need to be available for your employees working with you inventory. Claims regarding the latest product release or customer service need to be available for the management. Also discount agreements from your vendors should be available for the employees checking and approving purchase invoices.

Since our CRM and Sales ERP is integrated with other ERP modules such as Accounting, Project Management, Warehouse Management and Human Resource it is much more powerful than the old fashioned standalone CRM packages or spreadsheets like Excel. With the Customer Status report you have a 360 degree view and with the Supplier Status Report you have the same complete overview with all vendor's relevant information available with just one click.

Following up activities is easy with our ERP customer letters, using either mail or e-mail. You can select recipients by group of contacts or by who has bought / not bought.

Hence ERP Solution provided by us meets all your CRM and Sales needs.

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