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Our Education ERP solutions are designed to automate all internal and external processes of an institution and also help improve communication between parents, students, teachers, administration etc. Educational institutions (Schools, Colleges and Universities ) are becoming increasingly complex and are not limited to providing education alone.Education ERP provide capabilities for entering student test and other assessment scores through an electronic grade book, building student schedules, tracking student attendance, and managing many other student-related data needs in a school, college or university. There are series of activities such as admissions, placements, financial management, library management and many other internal processes. From now on, it goes without saying that these educational institutions need a system (educational ERP) to manage all their operations as well as any corporate house.

Features of Education ERP

  • Student Management System such as personal, academic, contact details etc.
  • Human Resource Management System such as employee leaves,conveyance, payroll and biometric attendance etc.
  • Examination Management System such as admission card, student registrations and invigilators information etc.
  • Finance Management System to manage accounting and finance activities.
  • Inventory Management System to manage university/ school assets and inventories.
  • Library Automation System to manage your library process such as books allocation, refund and charges.
  • Hostel Management System to manage Student & guardian information,room allocations etc .
  • Transport Management System tom manage vehicle, routes and transportation.
  • Cafeteria Management System .
  • Event Management System to manage fest, function or any other events easily and properly.

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