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ERP Solutions for Engineering Industry

Infinity ERP solutions for Engineering Industry are designed with core understanding of discrete manufacturing- production of individual or separate units. Our ERP solutions supports various manufacturing environments like make-to-order (MTO) and make-to-stock (MTS) using either a highly repetitive or process order-based system, engineer-to-order (ETO. In addition to MTO/MTS manufacturers, our solutions are developed comprehensively with deep functionality that includes ECN - Engineering Change Note and Design Department which covers DCR - Drawing Change Request, DCN - Drawing Change Note, Design BOM - Customize Bill of Material.

Modules & Features Engineering Industries

  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Design Management
  • Serial Number wise Inventory and Production Management
  • Customer Management
  • Project Management
  • Billing Breakup Management
  • Estimating
  • Financial Management
  • Production Management with ECN, Design BOM, DCR, DCN, MRP1 & MRP2 Concepts
  • Human Resource
  • Reporting
  • Pre-Process, In-Process, Post-Process and Inventory QC
  • Security Gate Management
  • Machine & Plant Maintenance

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