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The key issues of organizations to achieve an improvement their financial activities. Sometimes they rush into the decision without taking into consideration of the ERP -implementation in relation to the benefits.

Our finance solutions manages monetary transactions in the company. Maintains the credit/debit sheets for buyers and suppliers/vendors.Maintain the accounts and their respective transactions. Salary records, appraisal and incentive database of employees.

It is a complete integrated accounting infrastructure that includes financial accounting, analytically accounting, tax management, budgets, assets which can facilitate organization to examine financial data from various functional departments improve their financial activities and will help stakeholders to know about company’s financial position at any point of time by studying financial reports such as,

  1. Charts of Accounts
  2. Profit & Loss Account
  3. Balance Sheet
  4. Trail Balance
  5. Accounts Payable
  6. Accounts Receivable
  7. Taxes Report
  8. Cash/Bank Fund Position

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