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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Platform represents both unique opportunity and challenges. The opportunity is in development of games, general utility applications, and business applications that reach out to millions of users eager to tap into companies products and services. While the challenge is in providing "great" user experience and appropriate value added services for the various mobile platforms. Company has dedicated team of mobile apps developers , designers for mobile applications.

Mobile Website Services

Today, people love to access websites on their smart phones. By launching mobile websites, business houses and other organizations can reach to billions of smart phone users. If you are enthusiastic to develop a mobile website for your company. We boast of an expert team of mobile developers who are very skillful in developing mobile websites for different kinds of clients. We use latest technology to develop fast performing mobile websites compatible with all platforms. Infinity ERP Solution has developed all kinds of web and app development services under one roof including website designing, cross platform app development, e-Commerce, SEO and end to end delivery of mobile applications. This involves requirements analysis, story board creation, coding, testing on simulator, testing on device, and if required as in case of iPhone ensuring that the app is App store ready.

Android Mobile Apps

Android is one of the most popular platforms used in SmartPhones. Android offers a large number of mindboggling features. Another reason of popularity of Android phones is that users can run different kinds of applications without any trouble. Today, business companies and other organizations want to offer Android applications to their end users to establish a close relationship. Android application development is a very responsible task.

Blackberry Mobile Apps

Blackberry smart phones are popular for their exceptional e-mail facilities and other features. With Blackberry applications, companies can directly interact with millions of Blackberry phone users across the world. Whether you want a Blackberry app for marketing, banking transaction, entertainment, health care or any other purpose, you can contact us. Our software engineers are very experienced to develop next-gen applications according to requirements of a client. By using latest technologies, meeting deadlines and going beyond expectations of clients.

iPhone Mobile Apps

Using iPhones has become a symbol of standard and next-gen lifestyle. Banks, marketing companies and e-commerce portals see 'i Phone application' as efficient marketing tool. Different organizations require different type of mobile applications that can fulfill their purposes. With these applications, you are set to gain an edge over your competitors and witness business growth.

Windows Phone Mobile Apps

Windows Smartphones came prior to Android phones and are still very popular among users. Windows mobile applications could be very efficient tool for business houses and other organizations. If you want a Windows app for your organization, you have reached the perfect place. We provide cross platform applications that help companies to widen their customer base. We also offer consultation, strategy and solutions for using mobile applications and development.

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