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Large volume of content, multiple delivery channels, shrinking profitable audience, and rising costs are only a few of the challenges the publishing industry is facing today. High-speed Internet-enabled devices such as tablets and e-readers, which allow users to consume more content on-the-go, are causing the industry to rapidly change. Factors such as changing consumer needs, and a fast fading traditional subscription business model are contributing to this acceleration.

Publishing Solutions Built for Strategic Impact

In order to remain relevant and competitive, businesses throughout the publishing industry are faced with the challenge of keeping up with the demands of an ever-evolving market by remaining up-to-date and staying connected with today’s digital, on-the-go consumers.

Leveraging many years of expertise, Compunnel utilizes cutting-edge products and solutions to create strategic, measurable and powerful outcomes for publishing enterprises.

Compunnel’s innovative solutions and services are designed to boost your business’s potential by helping you:

  • Evolve from print-centric processes and systems
  • Restructure content repositories and advertising initiatives
  • Deploy feature-rich social networking platforms
  • Integrate new technologies as they emerge
  • Ensure compatibility across channels and devices

It’s time for publishers to engage and empower customers by delivering products and services that are forward-thinking and aligned to their changing needs. That means, it’s time to transform content systems, commerce platforms and business processes by focusing on your core strengths and calling on us to deliver ours.

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