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Our Retail ERP offers solutions to suits the wide range of retail businesses, from companies with one outlet to large chains with multiple stores. It facilitates you to manage complete Retail business–from Sales and Customer Relationships to Financials and Operations, across different channels.

Robust Functionality

  1. Provides for quick customer service using touch screens POS that supports dedicated hardware–bar code scanners, customer displays, scales, cash drawers, credit card, magnetic strip readers, hand-held PDA devices, self-service POS kiosk etc.
  2. Supports scalability from a single-store implementation to multi-national chain deployment worldwide
  3. Real-time view of all inventories from any location with inventory management with inter-store transfer capability and real-time sales updates
  4. Achieve superior customer satisfaction and loyalty through its Customer loyalty program
  5. Detailed and Exhaustive reporting out of the box 6) Has centralized point of control for purchase, inventory and finance management

Secure System

  1. Uses encryption for data storage along with a secure database
  2. Supports role-based user logins with various access rights and permissions
  3. Consists of an integrated time clock Flexible Tendering Options Caters for coupons and discounts, order cancellations, multi-order handling, multi-mode payments and refunds

Secure System

  1. Consists of paid-ins and outs, automated drawer pulls, audit trails, store, shift and cashier balancing

Distribution & Logistics Management

  1. Allows tracking warehousing, delivery, automatic stock levels are store and warehouse levels with tractability.
  2. Deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility, full control over inventory and pricing

Complete Modules for Complete Retail Business Management

  1. Point of Sale
  2. Master Data Management
  3. Merchandise Operations Management
  4. Pricing & Promotions Management
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Financial Management
  7. HR & Payroll

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