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Technical and Functional Training

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Infinity ERP Solution provides remote and on-site training to reduce travel expenses for your organization and allows your staff to stay close to their jobs and daily responsibilities. Our instructors and trainers are either former or current ERP consultants who are experts in assisting organizations with implementations and upgrade efforts.


Our training courses have clearly-stated objectives. These are either skills-based or knowledge based, as appropriate. Each course has an intended target audience and is taught using methods best suited to that subject. Each course has a detailed program which specifies exactly what will be taught during each 'session' of the day - this clarifies what the courses will actually cover on a day-to-day basis, so that candidates attending the courses and managers booking the courses know that their time will be well-spent. As an example, our ERP Technical and Functional Training course is described as shown.

  • What is the ERP Training about?
  • Who is the ERP Training aimed at?
  • How is the ERP Training presented?
  • What are the ERP Training objectives?
  • What do the organization and candidates get benefit at the end of the Training?

This clarity helps managers and candidates to see exactly what the courses are about, who should attend them and what they can expect to gain from it

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