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Infinity ERP Transport and Logistic Management is comprehensive web-based ERP Solution which is developed for fulfilling the business management needs of the Transport Industry. It will efficiently optimizes key area of transport and logistics management such as accounting, inventory, payroll, expenses, invoicing, insurance, asset management, vehicle maintenance, driver details, locations, tracking etc.

Key Features of our ERP Solution

  • Complete Vehicle Information including fuel logs and service history.
  • Route Planning: Software is integrated with Google maps to create distance tables for all your operational routes thereby optimize route sequences of your transport business.
  • Fully comprehensive management of rates and contracts: Party wise Contract rates master based on destination, item, quantityweight and period
  • Fully customizable Executive & Operational dashboards
  • ERP software has integrated Alert system for Notifications, Reminders and raising exceptions alerts related to transport operations, fleet management and vehicle maintenance - for instance notifications could be raised when Vehicle servicing is due, RTO Document needs renewal, a customer has overdue payments, etc.
  • Fully customizable Executive & Operational dashboards
  • SMS & Email notification facility to party
  • Facility for Projects to track their shipment via web portal
  • Garage Inventory Management to distribute and maintain the spares branch-wise.
  • SMS & Email notification facility to party
  • Further, the system has a scope for customization according to client specific needs.

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