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Infinity ERP Solutions ensures that customers enjoy maximum value for their software investments and an edge over the competition.Our Comprehensive service offerings deliver convenience at the work place and improve efficiency by leveraging on existing investment in Information Technology. As a software vendor, we are diversified into wide areas such as Software Development, Web Hosting, Reporting Suites, Software Development life Cycle Tools, Branded Product marketing, Application Performance & Database management tools, Messaging Solutions, Mailing Solutions.

Scope of work


A virtual rich will include all the options.

Enquiry form:

An inquiry form, which will fulfill all your customers’ needs. This can be extended to shopping cart and online payments

Visitor Book:

A separate page where visitor can put his remarks.


A well navigated links and pages services.


A link from where you can see that how many times your site has been hit.

News Letter :

An interface where customer can subscribe and unsubscribe for the news letters.

Site Search:

From this interface consumer can search the product company wise as well as product line and length.

Dynamic Product Catalog:

Display of Products by category and display of product details, product images, which will be changed by the end of customer in a very user friendly and secured platform

Dynamic Form:

requests which will give you a serial number to you and your customer for further communication when the form will be submit.

On Line Payment:

Online payment solution by using available options.

Category based on WYSIWYG:

Products and traditional practices based remedies

Work Specifications:

  1. Designing of templates for intro, home and inner pages.
  2. The client will be shown 1 template for approval of the design.
  3. Designing the website with a corporate look and feel.
  4. The development of website with home and inner pages on the approved template.
  5. Development of pages (static pages) website with 2 flash animations. These flash animations can be carried anywhere on the site.
  6. The website to have an online inquiry and feedback form (utilizing the mailto feature) where the form filled data goes directly to the specified email address.
  7. The website should be easily navigable and faster to download.
  8. Structuring of links on the website will be done in a well defined manner for easier navigation.
  9. Placement of the content in a more readable, compact and professional manner.
  10. The website will be designed using HTML/ASP with style sheets and JavaScript.
  11. The website can have multiple images on the newly designed pages.
  12. Image design includes full optimization for faster download and image bordering to suit the template design.
  13. A page is counted as a single page till it accommodates two and a half page scrolls of information.

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